Thursday, February 18, 2016

It took 40 years after the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima for brain cancer to show up in the
How far cell phone radiation penetrates into brain. From Om Ghandi, PhD.
humans exposed to the bomb's radiation. The fact that you do not currently seem to experience harm from all the radiofrequency radiation now surrounding us does not mean you are not being slowly harmed--it's a slow boil. Cancer rarely shows up in less than 10 years from exposure: tobacco, asbestos, benzene all take many more years to show their devastating effects.

Your cell phone provider now tells you to keep your phone between 1/4" and 5/8" away from your body to avoid tissue-heating effects. According to the FCC, the only thing you have to worry about from radiofrequency radiation is the heating of your tissue. But, in fact, thousands of scientific studies have shown that DNA is affected even when tissue is not heated.

The claim, made even by Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust, that distance helps masks reality. Yes, the amount of RF decreseas exponentially with distance. But--when you are living in a sea of radiation a quintillion times that of a century ago, this becomes irrelevant. You are, in the words of Dr. Martin Blank, "overexposed." Sure, holding your phone near your mouth increases the distance from your brain, but not enough to matter unless you use a cell phone on a very rare basis. Even if you never use a cell phone, do not have wi-fi, and use corded phones, you are exposed to a sea of radiation so great that you will, over time, experience damaging effects on your health. You probably already are--you just don't know it. The tobacco smokers who got lung cancer didn't feel effects in their first years, even decades, of smoking.

The claim by Dr. Davis that airplane mode is safe is incorrect! In fact, most phones still emit or receive a signal even when on airplane mode, and even when OFF! Off is not off, except for Obamaphones and a few rare cell phones! This may be because the supposedly off phones are still receiving GPS signals. I can feel cell phones, even when they are "off." First time I was aware of this, a friend came to my door. I didn't know he had a cell phone in his shirt pocket. He knew how sensitive I was to cell phone. Within a minute-and-a-half, I began feeling very ill. I asked him if he had his cell phone on him. He said, "Yes, but it's off, not just airplane mode but totally off." OFF IS NOT OFF! CELL PHONES ARE NOT SAFE, PERIOD! 

Your smart meter, your Wi-Fi, your cell phone, and all the radiofrequency radiation you are surrounded by (your neighbors' Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers, etc.) have caused the amount of radiofrequency radiation in the atmosphere to increase one quintillion times over what they were in previous times.

One cellphone call exposes every bystander 10 feet away to one trillion times the background RF radiation levels - talk about second-hand "smoke". Also, remember microwave radiation from wireless devices is pulsed and modulated while natural background radiation is not.

See or read ABC Catalyst's excellent program on RF radiation.

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