Thursday, February 18, 2016

It took 40 years after the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima for brain cancer to show up in the
How far cell phone radiation penetrates into brain. From Om Ghandi, PhD.
humans exposed to the bomb's radiation. The fact that you do not currently seem to experience harm from all the radiofrequency radiation now surrounding us does not mean you are not being slowly harmed--it's a slow boil. Cancer rarely shows up in less than 10 years from exposure: tobacco, asbestos, benzene all take many more years to show their devastating effects.

Your cell phone provider now tells you to keep your phone between 1/4" and 5/8" away from your body to avoid tissue-heating effects. According to the FCC, the only thing you have to worry about from radiofrequency radiation is the heating of your tissue. But, in fact, thousands of scientific studies have shown that DNA is affected even when tissue is not heated.

The claim, made even by Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust, that distance helps masks reality. Yes, the amount of RF decreseas exponentially with distance. But--when you are living in a sea of radiation a quintillion times that of a century ago, this becomes irrelevant. You are, in the words of Dr. Martin Blank, "overexposed." Sure, holding your phone near your mouth increases the distance from your brain, but not enough to matter unless you use a cell phone on a very rare basis. Even if you never use a cell phone, do not have wi-fi, and use corded phones, you are exposed to a sea of radiation so great that you will, over time, experience damaging effects on your health. You probably already are--you just don't know it. The tobacco smokers who got lung cancer didn't feel effects in their first years, even decades, of smoking.

The claim by Dr. Davis that airplane mode is safe is incorrect! In fact, most phones still emit or receive a signal even when on airplane mode, and even when OFF! Off is not off, except for Obamaphones and a few rare cell phones! This may be because the supposedly off phones are still receiving GPS signals. I can feel cell phones, even when they are "off." First time I was aware of this, a friend came to my door. I didn't know he had a cell phone in his shirt pocket. He knew how sensitive I was to cell phone. Within a minute-and-a-half, I began feeling very ill. I asked him if he had his cell phone on him. He said, "Yes, but it's off, not just airplane mode but totally off." OFF IS NOT OFF! CELL PHONES ARE NOT SAFE, PERIOD! 

Your smart meter, your Wi-Fi, your cell phone, and all the radiofrequency radiation you are surrounded by (your neighbors' Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers, etc.) have caused the amount of radiofrequency radiation in the atmosphere to increase one quintillion times over what they were in previous times.

One cellphone call exposes every bystander 10 feet away to one trillion times the background RF radiation levels - talk about second-hand "smoke". Also, remember microwave radiation from wireless devices is pulsed and modulated while natural background radiation is not.

See or read ABC Catalyst's excellent program on RF radiation.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Data Mining Threatens Your Privacy

Onzo Corporation announces that, yes, indeed, utilities can use your data to make you buy things, change what you do, and make the utility more money. "By transforming big utility data into real insight, we help companies in the energy space understand how each customer uses energy on a personal level. This insight can then be leveraged to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, while increasing revenue and operational efficiency." "Millions of AMI [smart meter] data points and hundreds
Onzo Corporation ad
of thousands of additional metrics and values can now be combined and analyzed, taking utility customer data mining to a whole new level and driving decision-making capabilities that weren't even possible before,"  the company states in a February 9, 2016  press release. With ultra-granular data, Onzo notes, the utility can determine: "1) Where are the biggest concentration of customers that are most likely to respond to a smart thermostat offer based on analysis of occupancy, consumption and demographic characteristics? 2) Which customers typically use high-consuming appliances during peak load times. 3) Which customer groups are mostly likely to respond to energy efficiency programs and what drivers are best at motivating a positive response?"

"With the hardware, utilities can combine and query data at much more granular level to more fully unlock the power of their smart meter and sensor data."
Read more about smart meters and smart meter privacy issues at the Smart Meter Education Network.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LED Lights Harm Your Eyes

LED Lights Harm Your Eyes

(and your reproductive system, your DNA, and your ability to sleep--among other things)
LED lights are extremely dangerous. Do not use them, and get rid of them if you have them. Get amber-colored glasses to protect your eyes when you drive or use computer, TV, phone and other screens with LED backlighting. Eagle Eyes sells amber glasses and clip-ons. Accumulation of cellular debris called lipofuscin in your retinal pigment epithelium is responsible for the damage

LEDs damage the retina. Even an industry website highlights some of the dangers: "The issues of most concern identified by the Agency concern the eye due to the toxic effect of blue light and the risk of glare," says the report, adding that the blue light necessary to obtain white LEDs causes "toxic stress" to the retina. LEDs Magazine (part of the LEDs & Lighting media group, the world’s leading media resource focused on the LED and lighting industry).

Besides emitting blue light, LEDs put out an intense magnetic field. When I drive, I feel like I am running the gauntlet as car after car stabs EMFs into my brain. When the light is steady, as when I am under a street light, I become nauseous and my head feels as if it is being crushed in a vise. Certain vehicles are worse than others--Cadillacs and Chevys, some Hondas, and many foreign makes come to mind.
LEDs emit a SQUARE wave--totally unnatural. Nature isn't digitized. They employ switched mode power supplies, the same thing that is used in smart meters and creates health-destroying dirty electricity.

LEDs deplete melatonin. This causes  DNA damage and difficulty in cell repair. They disrupt your sleep cycle and the sleep and mating cycles of fireflies and other living creatures.

Blue light waves are more likely to cause harm to the retina among people who are prone to macular issues due to aging, environment, genetics or health habits

Harvard Health Letter
Electroncs Stack Exchange

DTE "Shut-Off" Letters?

DTE Letters Implying Shut-Off in 30 Days
Are Nothing New and Can Be Ignored

Letters have been sent since January 2014
DTE does not shut off your electricity if you do not respond to this letter.
It is an intimidation tactic that will only be successful if you cave in.


Since January 2014, DTE has sent out a letter to some people who have meters that are locked or behind a gate. There is no discernible rhyme or reason to who they send it to. Recently, DTE has begun sending this letter out again.. In this "30-day" letter, DTE cites MPSC Rule 460.167, tells the recipient that DTE has the right to shut off their electricity if they do not allow the installation of the smart meter, and implies that the recipient that they must respond within 30 days to avoid shut-off. DTE has been sending these letters out since January 2014. No one has ever had their electricity shut off because they received this letter. Here is an example of this letter.

We have recommend that you not respond to this letter. Do not fan the flames. For more information about this letter and all the other letters DTE sends out, please see our page Keep the Meter Off / Respond to DTE Letters and Phone Calls. The letter DTE has been sending out recently is Letter #4 on this page.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hillsdale Now Targeted by Consumers Energy for Smart Meter Installation

In what amounts to an ad for Consumers Energy, the Hillsdale Daily News has written a story (call it a
fairy tale) on the upcoming smart meter installation. The story is inaccurate and full of holes.

The meters will supposedly be installed in the fall. Neither Consumers Energy nor the newspaper bother to tell the reader that a person may retain their analog meter. See our website post on the Consumers Energy opt-out for information on how to keep your analog meter.

Be sure to let everyone know, you can opt out. And be sure to write your state rep regarding the Analog Choice Bill.