Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LED Lights Harm Your Eyes

LED Lights Harm Your Eyes

(and your reproductive system, your DNA, and your ability to sleep--among other things)
LED lights are extremely dangerous. Do not use them, and get rid of them if you have them. Get amber-colored glasses to protect your eyes when you drive or use computer, TV, phone and other screens with LED backlighting. Eagle Eyes sells amber glasses and clip-ons. Accumulation of cellular debris called lipofuscin in your retinal pigment epithelium is responsible for the damage

LEDs damage the retina. Even an industry website highlights some of the dangers: "The issues of most concern identified by the Agency concern the eye due to the toxic effect of blue light and the risk of glare," says the report, adding that the blue light necessary to obtain white LEDs causes "toxic stress" to the retina. LEDs Magazine (part of the LEDs & Lighting media group, the world’s leading media resource focused on the LED and lighting industry).

Besides emitting blue light, LEDs put out an intense magnetic field. When I drive, I feel like I am running the gauntlet as car after car stabs EMFs into my brain. When the light is steady, as when I am under a street light, I become nauseous and my head feels as if it is being crushed in a vise. Certain vehicles are worse than others--Cadillacs and Chevys, some Hondas, and many foreign makes come to mind.
LEDs emit a SQUARE wave--totally unnatural. Nature isn't digitized. They employ switched mode power supplies, the same thing that is used in smart meters and creates health-destroying dirty electricity.

LEDs deplete melatonin. This causes  DNA damage and difficulty in cell repair. They disrupt your sleep cycle and the sleep and mating cycles of fireflies and other living creatures.

Blue light waves are more likely to cause harm to the retina among people who are prone to macular issues due to aging, environment, genetics or health habits

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