Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DTE "Shut-Off" Letters?

DTE Letters Implying Shut-Off in 30 Days
Are Nothing New and Can Be Ignored

Letters have been sent since January 2014
DTE does not shut off your electricity if you do not respond to this letter.
It is an intimidation tactic that will only be successful if you cave in.


Since January 2014, DTE has sent out a letter to some people who have meters that are locked or behind a gate. There is no discernible rhyme or reason to who they send it to. Recently, DTE has begun sending this letter out again.. In this "30-day" letter, DTE cites MPSC Rule 460.167, tells the recipient that DTE has the right to shut off their electricity if they do not allow the installation of the smart meter, and implies that the recipient that they must respond within 30 days to avoid shut-off. DTE has been sending these letters out since January 2014. No one has ever had their electricity shut off because they received this letter. Here is an example of this letter.

We have recommend that you not respond to this letter. Do not fan the flames. For more information about this letter and all the other letters DTE sends out, please see our page Keep the Meter Off / Respond to DTE Letters and Phone Calls. The letter DTE has been sending out recently is Letter #4 on this page.

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