Thursday, March 31, 2016

Can Consumers Customers Keep Their Analog?

Huh! Consumers Energy keeps refusing to tell people who email or call them that they CAN keep their old meter (even though Consumers said in a court case it would allow people to keep them). Well, here WTVB says that those who do not want the upgraded meters can opt out and keep their old meter. Hmm. So Consumers is willing to tell them but not its own customers?

See our lengthy page on the Consumers Energy opt-out and your right to keep your analog (and how to make sure you do) on our website.

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  1. I live in Indian River in an apartment bldg. I have paid Consumers "extortion" fee of $69.39 BEFORE they came to install smart meters to keep the digital meter off my apartment. I have the confirmation letter from them to prove it. I have successfully kept my analog. I now also pay the $9.72 monthly charge to have the meter read by an actual person.They have this information on their website. It also states that if you already have a digital meter, they will replace it with an analog for $123.91. Their website also states that these costs cover labor and continued support of systems for the "legacy" meter technology. I am assuming by "legacy" they are referring to the analog meter. It used to be easy to find this information on their site, now it is buried and difficult to find, but it's still there, last updated 10-16-2015 at 9:48am. Remind them of this and state clearly that the fees you will be paying will be to keep your ANALOG ONLY, not their so called "opt out" meter. their "opt out" is a digital meter with (supposedly) the radio transmitter turned off. It still puts "dirty" electricity on the wiring of your home and surrounds you with electromagnetic radiation. If you want to contact me, my email is I hope this helps.
    John Kurczewski