Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Commission Orders Hearing on Shut-Offs: March 2

DTE has been shutting off thousands of customers because the utility can't make its billing system work properly. "The evidence for thousands of improper shutoffs was so compelling that state regulators, in effect, said DTE Energy is guilty unless it can prove otherwise. The Michigan Public Service Commission ordered the utility's gas and electric providers “to prove they did not violate the Commission’s billing rules” when they switched to a new billing system in April," reported the Detroit Free Press and WZZM13.

The commission will hold a hearing beginning March 2. We need YOU to tell us if you have been improperly shut off (DTE Shut Me Off) or if your bill has gone up significantly (My Bill Has Gone Up Significantly).

Read the MPSC press release.

The Free Press/WZZM13 article talks about "mysterious illnesses" reported by people with smart meters, again portraying people as kooks, and has a lovely, and inaccurate press release statement from DTE, but at least the word is getting out.

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