Monday, February 12, 2018

Important: Tell House Energy Committee & MPSC About Your Electric Bill Increases

Our previous posts discuss the huge billing increases some DTE and Consumers Energy customers are experiencing. If you are experiencing these billing increases, please ACT! Here's how:

1.      The Michigan House Energy Committee continues to hold hearings on the Analog Meter Choice Bill, HB 4220. It is very important to submit comments to the committee and to let all other state legislators know about these bill increases. 
3.      You need to let your own state representative and senator know what is happening.
5.       Make sure to save what you write up. You will need it in the future.
What to Say
 1.      We have outlined what you need to say at Huge Electric Bill Increases. You can see a sample letter I sent in at DTE Defrauding Customers.
2.      You will compare not the dollar amount of your bill  but the kWh (kilowatt-hour) usage from the same months in different years. That is easy to do, because DTE give you that information on the front of your bill.  The longer you can go back in time, the better.
3.      At the end of your letter, tell the legislators that the only meter that can accurately measure your ACTUAL electricity usage is the analog meter. You can also tell them that the smart meter and any digital meter can be configured to measure in any way it wants, because it’s a computer. You can also mention that smart meters can be hacked.  Be sure to put this in your own words! If they get bunches of letters with the same wording, it has less effect.
4.      Tell them that you want a meter that measures your electricity usage accurately, and for this reason you want House Bill 4220, the Analog Meter Choice Bill, passed.

Make sure you write your own state representative and senator (and tell them you are their constituent). We urge you to write all Michigan representatives and senators (copy-and-paste lists at the links). Put whatever title you want in the subject line.

Below are lists of House Energy Committee Members. For what you are sending to the committee, you must make sure you put “Testimony for February 13, 2018 Energy Committee Hearing” in the subject line.

House Energy Committee Emails

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