Wednesday, January 31, 2018

DTE Bills Going Through the Roof

There is now an avalanche of customers reporting that their electric bills are going through the roof since the installation of smart meters on their homes. Consumers Energy customers are experiencing the same issues, and if you look back through our old posts, you will find some of these reports.

Just reading this will not change anything. You have to act. So, first of all
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  • write your legislators and the House Energy Committee
  • contact Fox2 news, who will likely do a story. Give them your name, phone number, and DTE account number'
  • fill out this survey, because this is how we can log ALL the complaints and tell Fox2, the House Energy Committee, and the MI Public Service Commission how many complaints there actually are. 

The latest:
  • St Clair County residents are reporting ultra-high bills.
  • Worth Township in Lapeer County got a bill for $10,000. Their normal bill is $300.
  • My (Linda Kurtz's) bill was normal for the first two months after the smart meter was installed. The next bill is up almost 250%. I've lived in my house for 21 years, and have every bill. DTE is doing a billing investigation. I don't expect anything useful to come of that. The smart meter is a black box. You can read an analog. You can't read a smart meter.
  • One meter was programmed with a commercial code, which has a much higher rate. The customer complained for months. DTE determined the commercial code error, but did nothing and continued to charge astronomical sums. Finally, the customer took the meter off and replaced it with an analog.

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