Sunday, February 11, 2018

DTE Defrauding Customers

See our previous post about skyrocketing electric bills. It's very important that you write the legislators about this.  You can get their contact information on our Analog Meter Choice Bill page.

Here's the letter I just sent:

Perhaps you are aware that thousands of customers are complaining of skyrocketing electric bills in the middle of winter, even when they have gas heat.

I am one of those customers. 

I have lived in my Ann Arbor home for 21 years. I heat my house via a GAS boiler.  Suddenly, after the smart meter was put on my home, my ELECTRIC usaage has jumped 140% (over what it was the year before) for the last billing cycle, which ended in mid-January. There is no other year in which my electric bill has been so insanely high for the past 21 years, and there is NO REASON for it to be high in the winter.
Could it be the cold? Nope. My GAS usage has gone up 77% for the same period, not 140%, and I heat my house with a gas boiler.
The sole explanation, given that I am not running anything more than usual: The smart meter.
The smart meter is a black box. An analog meter passively measures your total consumption. The computer that is the smart meter can be programmed remotely to do anything they want it to do. And the customer has no recourse, no way to prove that s/he is being cheated.

The only solution is an ANALOG meter. The utility can't program it to run differently or charge a different rate.
House Bill 4220, the Analog Meter Choice Bill, needs to be passed  because customers are being defrauded and the only way to prevent this fraud is an analog meter.
I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter.  Thank you.

Linda Kurtz


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