Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Smart Gas Meters: 15,400 Pulses per Day

Did you utility company tell you that your smart gas meter signals for only  1 1/2 minutes per day? Is that true?  If you average all the pulses over the course of a day, then yes, it's true. But here's the real story. Each pulse is 5.86 milliseconds long. There are 90,000 milliseconds in 1.5 minutes. That amounts to 15,358.36 pulses per day of 5.86 millisecond each, or 639.93 pulses per hour.

This data is for one type of smart gas meter. Others may have slight variances, but will be similar.

Read our web page What Are Smart Meters, particularly the part, How Often Do Smart Meters Really Transmit for information on the Itron smart electric meter.

Learn more at the SmartMeterEducationNetwork
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