Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blind 92-Year-Old Woman Stands Up to DTE

Continuing its tactic of sporadically cutting off power to people who have locked their analog meter
or removed their smart meter, DTE shut off power to 6 people today, including a 92-year-old woman.

People are fighting back! Judy Wright called me as soon as she learned that DTE had cut her 92-year-old mother’s power. I advised her to call the TV stations and her state legislators. Always be proactive! Judy was, and it has paid off. Channel 7 is doing a story tonight at 11 on Judy, her mother, and one of Judy’s sisters. UPDATE: Channel 7's story is the most atrocious piece of reporting I have seen in ages. Doesn't even bother to tell people that the opt-out meter is a smart meter. Makes Mrs. Olga Puste look ridiculous!

Judy’s mother, Olga Puste is legally blind and uses a breathing machine—but that means nothing to the war machine that is DTE. Olga’s daughter who lives with her has a seizure disorder. Olga lives off her Social Security income, and has a freezer with a year’s worth of food. She’s sharp as a tack, and doesn’t want on her home a meter that will negatively affect her health. She and all her daughters live a naturopathic lifestyle.

Will You Be Next?

The chances are, you won’t be. Thousands of people have their meters locked. Divide just 1000 people by 5 people shut off per week, and it will take DTE 200 weeks—that’s four years— to shut everyone off. If you get a letter stating that your “locked meter is a health and safety hazard to your neighbors and your family,” call us immediately at 972-2677 (area code 734).

Does It Make Your Blood Boil?

Sanya’s power was shut off today as well. When a smart meter was put on her home at the end of August, her sister, who has a pacemaker, immediately began to experience irregular heartbeats. Supposedly, smart meters don’t affect pacemakers. Sanya took the meter off, and her sister’s irregular hearbeat went away. Do this make your blood boil? If so, read on.

What Do You Do Now?

DTE will steamroll over everyone, given enough time. We have an incredible ace in the hole: the Analog Choice Bill. The only way we are going to be able to play this ace is if you and everyone else reading this does anything and everything you can to get this bill passed After all, you gotta show up to the card game, or that ace in your back pocket won’t do a thing.

What you must do to ensure a no-cost analog opt-out for you, the elderly, the lame, and the well:
  1. Call your own state representative and senator and tell them you want a bill that will allow you to choose to have an analog electric, gas, and water meter.
  2. Get the word out in the House Energy Committee Districts. Learn more on our Getting the Word Out page. We are in desperate need of people to flyer some districts. See next box. If we don’t get those districts, we might not get the bill.
  3. Get the word out in your own community. Use the flyers on our Getting the Word Out page.

Hi, DTE. Are you enjoying this page?

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  1. Smart Meters are smart, we aren't when we allow DTE to put a meter that emits radiation, spies on us, affects our Health causing many medical problems all while claiming they are Safe and the Lines are Secure.?? Are they crazy? Govt. lines have been hacked and many others too getting people's Social Security number and opening accounts in their names with their Social Security. I've already been a victim of ID theft and don't need DTE adding to the problem. And say we can see how much energy we are using, we know-- when we get the bill and we pay for it. This is another Big Brother act of controlling us and our Energy when they deem it necessary. More of the Nanny State. Wake up people, this is more entrapment of our lives. Now you see why Coal mines are being shut down. Not only will it drive up the cost but drive you into the arms of Big Brother.