Thursday, September 10, 2015

Detroit Family Without Water Due to Smart Meter

The City of Detroit forces customer to pay to upgrade their plumbing to accommodate a smart water meter. That's right--you have to pay a plumber if your current plumbing, which works just fine with an analog water meter--won't accept a smart meter. What if you can't afford a plumber?

In this case, the woman's water was shut off without notice, leaving her and her family of small children without water for 2 weeks. The city didn't give a damn, and once she finally found out what the problem was, forced her to hire a plumber to install new pipe. He installed plastic pipe, she called the city, they told her she had to use metal pipe.  No sense telling her that the first time around. Then the city told her they wouldn't come out for another week.

She called Channel 7, and suddenly the city found the time to come out.

Read Channel 7 story.

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  1. Detroit City code, XX feet above the meter, has to be metal, steel or copper. When they invented PVC pipe, some time after they made that code, why? About 5 years back, my house had rusty steel pipes. One broke so I whole house, re-plumbed with the right type PVC (1 more letter), copper was too expensive. Hardware told me then about metal above the meter...

    I called the water dept. informed them I was removing the meter, re-plumbing. They said "thats ok, meter inspection, when done," Meter inspector, said the metal\copper pipe to the ceiling was law. He didn't know why, he was mainly concerned if the meter was installed the right way. My meter was and still is analog, with a wired box outside. Some other type smart meter I think.