Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cheboygan Tribune Reports on Consumers Energy Shut-Off

Cheboygan Tribune reporter Shawna McManus wrote a good story on Consumers Energy's decision to
shut off power to Jaime Chimner, a disabled woman with extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  The story reports that her doctors state that the reason her health declined after moving into a home with a digital meter in 2009 is the digital meter itself.

Read the story at

Stop Smart Meters has also published a story on this.

You can see our original story on Jaime and the shut-off at

Thanks to the Tribune for a good article, fairer and more comprehensive than almost any we've seen!


  1. I hope Consumers would be learning something from DTE but what was I thinking????

  2. I was in a store and a person came up to me ;who we had talked to about the smartmeters. She said she was having health problems and called Consumers Power to have them take it off her house it was causing her to have health problems. The person on the phone told her she was just anxious and just rest. OH COME ON, THERE IS PROOF OTHER THAN ME THAT THERE ARE HEALTH ISSUES WITH THESE METERS. She told me another person called them to take the smart meter off her house because of health issues and basically told it was not their problem. Then yesterday, Oct. 30 we heard a loud pop. I ran to the neighbors with a smartmeter and they said they heard a pop and burnt wires than the lady across the street heard a loud pop and burnt wires. Consumers ENergy came and the woman living there said they had problems in the past with squirrels in the transformer boxes.He INSISTED THAT WAS NOT THE PROBLEM ALMOST LAUGHING AT HER. He checked anyway and guess what. A very dead squirrel with a nest. SO COMSUMERS ENERGY YES SQUIRRELS DO GET IN YOUR TRANSFORMER BOXES.
    IT IS THE POP AND BURNT WIRE SMELL THAT WOULD BE BOTHERING ME. CALL CONSUMERS WITH ANYTHING. Also remember to call Michihgan House and Senate representatives to pass the opt out analog ,meter bill soon to be on the House floor I hope. HERE IS AN UPDATE. Jaime and Joe (I use Emily when I was able to write my articles and book. not so good after stroke)