Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hearing on DTE Shut-Offs

On January 16, 2018, the Michigan House Energy Committee heard testimony on DTE shut-offs of customers, especially those who have refused the smart meters.

The testimony presented at the January 16 hearing on DTE and Consumers Energy shut-offs was spectacular!

We urge you to watch all of it on our YouTube channel. Jaime Chimner courageously braved the EMFs that are so devastating to her health to tell the committee about her miraculous recovery when the digital meter was removed from her home and then how Consumers Energy uncaringly cut off her electricity. She and her husband have been living since 2015 without electricty from Consumers.

Wally Listopad and his 90-year-old grandmother testified, as did Dan Schulte (DTE employees laughed while cutting off his electricity), Georgetta Livingstone, and many others.

Senator Patrick Colbeck gave great testimony about the shut-offs and the need for meter choice.

To learn more about smart meters, please visit our website, Smart Meter Education Network.

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