Saturday, June 18, 2016

Scientific American: How Wireless Signals Cause Cancer?

"An expert answers questions about what could happen at the cellular level after a report links radio-frequency signals to tumors in rats."

Scientific American, long a naysayer of the effects of wireless radiation, is beginning to reconsider after the National Toxicology Program study on wireless and cancer.

"What happens to living cells when they are exposed to RF radiation? The signal couples with those cells, although nobody really knows what the nature of that coupling is. Some effects of that reaction can be things like movement of calcium across membranes, the production of free radicals or a change in the expression of genes in the cell. Suddenly important proteins are being expressed at times and places and in amounts that they shouldn’t be, and that has a dramatic effect on the function of the cells. And some of these changes are consistent with what’s seen when cells undergo conversion from normal to malignant. These effects vary depending on the nature of the signal, the length of the exposure and the specifics of the signal itself."

Hmm. Suddenly, they are beginning to discuss the work of Martin Pall and others.

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