Saturday, June 18, 2016

Redford Residents: Smart Meters Are Making Us Ill

Lois Dennison has experienced swelling in various parts of her body to splitting headaches to hair loss and constant drainage from smart meters. She believes the meters are a threat to the general public, too.
“I want to see these stupid meters gone from our lives,” Dennison said. “They’re hurting us. The radiation coming from these meters will hurt you, your family, your pets and the environment. Period.”

DTE, of course, issued a statement saying: "DTE Energy believes there is absolutely no merit to the concerns raised by some individuals about smart meters, and we remain confident in the safety, security and benefits provided by the meters,” Berris said. "The relatively weak strength of radio frequency signals generated by smart meters means that any impact of RF exposure is minimal – similar to the levels of exposure from TVs and radios. In fact, smart meters produce significantly less RF exposure than other common electric devices, such as cell phones, baby monitors, wireless routers, laptop computers and microwave ovens." I guess DTE hasn't read the Daniel Hirsch study yet! And, of course, has had their ears plugged when hundreds of people have called complaining of terrible health problems from the meters.

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