Saturday, June 18, 2016

Public WiFi Hotspots in Neighborhoods Are Devastating Health

Wondering why even stepping out your door is too much? Comcast has installed WiFi hotspots to blanket neighbhorhoods with dense RF radiation. My home is within hundreds of feet of three hotspots. The moment I open my door, my body and brain rattle. Even worse than when it was just the smart meters. Here's an article from the Detroit Free Press. When you go to the hotspot link, you can zoom in and in until you find the exact location of a hotspot by clicking on it. There are hundreds just in Ann Arbor.

And this comes out just as the National Toxicology Program finds that RF radiation causes CANCER. Yes, a US government agency finally says it.

Here is a picture of the WiFi hotspot routers. They are usually off-white in color. They are hung from the cable lines (which are attached to the phone poles). They will say BelAir or Ericsson on them.

Call Comcast. Demand their removal. They are destroying you and your family! Here is where to find the hotspots. If you hover over the little balloon that indicates a hotspot, it will give you an address.

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