Friday, April 22, 2016

Dog Tortured by Smart Meter

I hope you will share this with all your animal-loving friends. It may explain otherwise inexplicable behavior in some pets, and also shows how smart meters can harm living creatures. In this You Tube video, you will see how a dog who used to be quite content inside his large yard now spends all his time trying to escape. This behavior began immediately after the smart meter was installed. The smart meter is located where the back porch is. The meters emit wireless radiation in all directions, and this dog is unprotected.
Smart meters are the new electric meters being installed by utilities across the world. They emit radiofrequency radiation at very high levels in millisecond bursts. While the FCC says they are safe, this is untrue, and they are causing grave harm to humans and animals. Some humans and some animals are much more sensitive than others.

To learn more about smart meters and the harm they cause, visit the Smart Meter Education Network website. If you go to the page What Are Smart Meters, you will learn about how the meters radiate.
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