Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sterling Heights Rescinds Smart Meter Moratorium Without a Vote

Sterling Heights smart meter activist Jackie Ryan says she found out through a FOIA request that City
Manager Mark Vanderpool issued a memorandum in November 2013 informing the council that DTE had asked the city to rescind the moratorium because the energy company had provided an opt-out policy. That policy, as we know, is a complete joke, as the policy still installs a smart meter on your home, just one with the RF turned off.

According to Ryan, the memo states that, upon getting an opt-out option that let residents refuse the meters, the moratorium was eliminated without further City Council action.

Several residents and City Council challenger candidates made another round of pleas to Sterling Heights city officials to take more action on smart meters during an Oct. 6 council meeting.

The above is taken from C&G Newspapers. Read the full story on their site.

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