Saturday, October 17, 2015

Consumers Energy Employee Recorded on Video Refusing to Provide I.D., Being Angry and Aggressive

Consumers Energy vehicles parked in a woman's driving, blocking her exit. She records the entire exchange, including the male employee repeatedly refusing to show his I.D. and acting in an angry and threatening manner. See the Channel 7 story. Utility employees are required to show I.D. Consumers Energy says: Too bad, our employee felt he was being harassed and he has a right to be on your property. Watch the Channel 7 story and decide for yourself.

Remember, we watch news stories to inform. But if we don’t act, nothing changes. Please get the word out about smart meters and the bill!


  1. Consumers Energy provides is a service. I'm frankly shocked that the Consumers Energy people didn't fire this guy. He should have shown his ID, he should be courteous. Consumers sounds too big for their britches.

  2. Consumers Energy things they have all the power and yes they are too big for their britches. They get paid to act like that, they do not care about us, JUST THEIR MONEY. I am permanently disabled with 4 doctors saying I have to have an Analog elec. meter and they turned off our power Sept. 11, and it is Nov. 11. Isn't that illegal, I'm disabled, sick, and can't use my medical devices. Dennis McKee I allege has made this personal with himself, that doesn't make sense but if you have dealt with the devil you would know. Mean people.