Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smart Water Meters Are Dangerous! What You Can Do

Smart Water Meters Are Dangerous!
What You Can Do

Influence your city council candidates in FIVE minutes!
Your action will help us in our fight against smart electric meters!

The smart water meter used by more and more cities in Michigan is the Neptune e-Coder R900. This smart water pulses every 14 seconds and can fill a home with radiation when located in a basement. See this YouTube video for great information. 

What Can I Do to Stop This?

City council primary elections are coming up in EARLY August. Races are often tight. This is our chance to make our voices heard on smart water meters and potentially influence a candidate's stance on the meters. In many cities, it is the primary that decides who will win the general election, because there isn't real competition between the parties. Whether you are in a city that doesn't yet have smart water meters, or in a city that does, your voice counts.

Simply write an email to all candidates.  Here are two simple examples:

If EVERYONE receiving this newsletter does this, candidates will be getting A LOT of emails on a single issue, and that will make them sit up and take notice and be responsive to us.

I have made this VERY EASY for you to do.  Take 5 minutes and do it! All you have to do is look up who is running for council, copy the words below into your email, and you are DONE and YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!

Letter for city where smart water meters have NOT been installed.
Dear _____;
I would like to know your stand on the installation of smart water meters in  ______. This is an issue that is very important to me and many others with whom I am in contact and will be a major factor in my decision about who to vote for in this primary.


If you don't get a reply within 3 days, calll them.  Once you get a reply, follow up. Explain why the meters are bad.  Few candidates are informed about the issue. Be sure to be reasonable and gracious, no matter what their stand.  If they disagree with us, gentle education will be more likely to persuade them than hitting them over the head with a battle-axe.

Letter for candidates where smart water meters ARE installed.

Dear _____:

I would like to know whether you would support city residents being allowed to opt out of having a smart water meter on their home. Smart water meters emit pulsed electromagnetic radiation, which thousands of scientific studies have shown is hazardous to human health. [If you know people who have been harmed by smart meter radiation, mention that. If you have been harmed, mention that.}


As mentioned above, follow up, once you hear back from them!

Please click here if you will take action!
Numbers count!

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