Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bay City Forces Smart Water Meter Installation

Neptune eCoder 900 smart water meter
Some cities allow people to opt out of smart water meters. To learn more, visit our web page on smart water meters

Bay City.   From Mlive story: Joy Stothard, who arranges installation appointments for the city, said she has heard some residents say they believe installing a smart meter would increase their water bill and emit dangerous levels of radiation.

"Those people aren't taking time to call us and let us explain that none of that is true," she said. "Hearsay from their neighbors is overruling logic."

Bohlen said customers who don't feel comfortable about having the radio device that transmits usage back to city servers inside their home can have it installed on the exterior of their home.  

Our comment: That’s not going to help much! It will reduce radiation inside the home to an extent, but we know people who have had their blood sugar levels shoot up after smart water meter installation. Smart water meters emit pulses of radiation continuously, just like smart electric meters.  See our page on the additive nature of radiofrequency radiation to understand more.

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