Saturday, March 3, 2018

AARP Makes Meter Choice One of Its Top 10 Legislative Priorites in Michigan

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) just announced that  passage of the Analog Meter Choice Bill, HB 4220, is one of its top ten priorities for 2018. The bill is sponsored by state Rep. Gary Glenn and would allow customers of Consumers Energy and DTE the freedom to have an analog meter, rather than a smart or digital meter, installed on their home, thus reducing health risks and privacy issues.

“Multiple overflow public hearings on this issue reveal a keen interest in affordable ways to opt out of smart meters, especially for senior citizens on severely limited budgets,” Glenn said. “It is very apparent that utility customers across the state, many of them retirees, have strongly-held concerns about the effect of smart meter technology."

The AARP brings tons of political clout to bear in Lansing, so this is very good news. But it does not ensure passage of the bill by any means. There are still two votes needed to get the Meter Choice Bill out of committee and onto the House floor. After that, it has to pass the Senate and then be signed by the governor.

This means that youyes, youneed to email or call every member of the House Energy Committee, the Senate Energy Committee, and your own state senator and representative. We make it easy for you to do with our copy-and-paste lists for House Energy, Senate Energy, and the whole House and whole Senate. Make sure when writing your own legislators that you let them know that you are their constituent. This matters!  Find your own representative and senator.

We urge you to write to AARP and thank them.

Glenn ‘smart meter’ bill is top 10 priority for AARP

 ABC 12: Michigan Legislature considering bill to ban fees for refusing a utility smart meter

House Energy Committee Emails

Emails for Michigan Senate Energy Committee



  1. I'm so glad, is there a way for AARP to do this nationally?

    1. I would contact Michigan AARP and national AARP. This is a very good idea. Let us know what you find out.

  2. That is great news! I am in Washington State and want to keep Smart Meters out and will be contacting my reps. I may just have to joun AARP now, as well. I will share this great milestone and hope your bill gets adopted Nationwide.

  3. The endorsement by AARP will be a great help to move meter choice forward. Everyone who subscribes to this site should write a letter of thanks to them. If we flood them with thank you notes, it will ensure their support throughout the process. We need all the help we can get. We all appreciate a thank you when we've helped someone out, so let them know. Thanks

  4. I sent a thank you to AARP in Michigan and sending one to Washington State reps to follow the legislation for collaboration. Hopefully, we can get this news nationwide support. They replied with a sincere thanks. Seattle is just starting to change over to Smart Meters and we need to stop them in and every state we can.