Sunday, October 29, 2017

Customer Medical Complaint to Be Heard by MPSC

After receiving a letter from DTE threatening to cut his electrical power…
DTE customer Tom Mitchell has been granted a hearing by the MPSC based on his hand-written letter which he informed them that due to a common medical condition (Atrial fibrillation:  a condition occurring when the upper chambers of your heart receive irregular electrical signals) he could not live without power or with a smart meter on his home.

MPSC contacted Tom by phone assuring him that his power would not be cut and that he is scheduled for a hearing on the matter.

Tom received a call from DTE telling him, in so many words, to drop his complaint because no one has ever won a case based on his argument.
Tom dismissed DTE’s request and pre-hearing arguments are scheduled for:

Tuesday October 31, 2017
MPSC Headquarters

Case # U-18445
before administrative law judge Lauren G. Van Steel

A large turnout at the pre-hearing is needed to provide support for Tom and will impress upon the judge that Tom is not alone in his need to safeguard his health from the curse of smart meter radiation. It is not known if there will be an opportunity for comments from anyone other than Tom, but just being there will speak volumes.   

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