Monday, November 7, 2016

Radio interference from LED lighting

LED lights: Not only do the damage your retina and create dirty electricity, they emit radiofrequency radiation. Read more at EMCrules.

"Although today’s LEDs are capable of long life, and delivering high light output levels with very little power consumption, most need to be paired with a drive circuit to provide constant current sourcing to operate in our homes and offices, and that’s where the problem comes in. These switching drive circuits operate at increasingly higher frequencies, and in order to maintain the highest efficiency, and highest LED longevity possible, they also need to maintain very high slew rates [dirty electricity, or voltage changes]. These factors contribute to the overall unwanted emissions from each individual lighting element, increasing the Electromagnetic background noise. Most of the interference may be caused by very high frequency emissions, typically in the 30 – 300 MHz range, and possibly higher."

"Electromagnetic Interference or EMI mitigation inevitably increases the overall cost of products by adding additional components to a design, or requiring a more complicated and expensive design and layout, and for low price consumer electronics, with very small profit margins, every penny counts. As EMI mitigation is considered by some as an unnecessary expense, it is often overlooked or simply disregarded."

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