Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Consumers Energy Shuts Off Power to Man It Overcharged

CONSUMERS ENERGY SHUTS OFF POWER to man it overcharged. Consumers Energy estimated reads at Jerry Bosse's 2-bedroom Kalamazoo home for 14 months, then slapped him with a $22,000 bill. He claims he doesn't owe the money, and that the smart meter was reading wrong. How could it not be? What normal person in a 2-bedroom home could have an electric bill of nearly $2000 per month? Consumers reduced the bill to $10,000. Bosse has been paying the utility $200 per month.

Today, Consumers Energy shut off his power, claiming he had not paid his bill. He and his wife have a baby who needs refrigerated breast milk.

Consumers Energy says, "Count on Us." Yeah, we'll count on you, Consumers, for unwarranted shut-offs, bill overcharges, smart meters that irradiate us 24/7, and digital meters that ruin our health.

See the original Fox News story on Jerry's plight.


  1. DTE sucks the big one. My bills have tripled compared to last year.

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