Saturday, September 3, 2016

Smart Meter Fires in Kansas City

Channel 41 in Kansas City reports on smart meter fires. this is the best TV reporting on fires we've seen yet. See a homeowner's smart meter in flames. The utility let him without power for a month. Interviews with smart meter experts Curtis Bennett and Brian Thiesen.

At the end, you will hear the utility company say that most meter fires are caused by factors other than the meter, including old and faulty wiring. What they don't say is, these fires were not happening with analog meters. The dirty electricity generated by the smart meters can overwhelm older wiring. This dirty electricity is also a cause of flickering lights and appliance short-outs.
As for the utility claim that the meter socket is at fault, please see our video where electrician Rob Marx discusses the thinner stabs (blades / prongs) of smart meters.

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