Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SEMCO Gas Threatening Customers

SEMCO Gas is trying to force customers to put gas smart meters on their home. SEMCO says that in order to ensure that customers are receiving accurate bills, it periodically needs to change the meter! You don't need to change a meter unless it is inaccurate. This is a ploy to get smart meters on people's homes.  The letter then goes on to say: "If we don't hear from you, it may become necessary to change the gas meter when you are not at home."

In one area, they have been leaving hang tags with the word "FREE" written on it, as if that would encourage someone to allow this health-destroying device on their home.

SEMCO has no information whatsoever about smart meters on their website. Interesting, isn't it?  You can see pictures of the SEMCO meters on our our Do You Have a Smart Meter? page.

SEMCO's contact information is 800-624-2019.

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