Saturday, June 6, 2015

Roseville Has Smart Water Meter Opt-Out

City of Roseville, Michigan approves smart water meter opt-out. Read the news story
Roseville is charging the ridiculous sum of $27 per quarter to have your meter read manually. Still, better to pay this than have a smart meter on your home.  Smart water meters cause health problems, and we know of one man whose blood sugar and blood pressure levels went through the roof after one was installed. He and his doctor could not figure out why his levels, which had been well-controlled for years with medication, suddenly shot through the roof.  Months later, someone gave him one of our flyers, and his doctor said that the meter was the only explanation he could find.

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  1. This is just another scam to steal more of your money under the guise of your water bills. Roseville has been over charging with the old meters since day one, now they want more as the economy shuts down. Where was the notice for public discussion on the mater? There going to spend 5 MILLION from one of their secret off budget slush funds from the tax money they've been steeling and investing for their own gain for the last 60 years. Cities all do this because there corporation pretending not to be corporations. They have 5 million for meter but the roads are falling apart. The income on investments for Roseville is twice what is collected from property taxes. I'll say it again. The income on investments for Roseville is twice what is collected from property taxes. Look at their comprehensive annual financial report. This place is siting on BILLIONS of dollars. Why the F are we still forced paying taxes to these criminals. Governments have become shelf funding from all OUR money they been investing behind of backs and always crying poverty. Governments own the vast majority of all stocks. I thought you were broke ROSEVILLE? Why do the scum that run these cities never go away? Is it their permanent job to perch over us and steel from us? These people need to be all kicked to the curb. It's extortion to force me to opt out of something I don't want and the United Nations wants. There letting you know your bill is going sky rocket because they said the old meters are loosing money! Did I mention cancer causing radiation? The city benefits by jacking your water rates WAY up. You will all see with your new bills. You'll love it because your all chumps and just love being scammed.