Friday, May 1, 2015

Consumers Energy Tries to Deceive Customers About Opt-Out

When Consumers Energy customers attempt to opt out, they are often being told that they must accept a digital meter. In fact, Consumers Energy allows customers to keep their ANALOG meter. Learn more at

Here is what one customer told us. "My neighbor  refused the smart meter and was told there were no analog meters to replace.  She told Consumers it wasn't true, she knew better. She was transferred to another person who demanded to know why she was refusing. My neighbor told her for health and privacy concerns. The consumers person tried to convince my neighbor that all concerns were invalid and it was perfectly safe. My neighbor held her ground and was given a confirmation number for her work order being cancelled. We were never given a number when we called to opt out. Like with my neighbor, they tried to convince us to take the digital meter."

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