Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DTE Falsely Threatening Shut-Off If You Don't Allow Smart Meter to Be Installed

DTE representatives have started coming to customer’s doors and telling them they have 2 weeks to accept a smart meter or their power will be shut off. The are not legally able to take such action. Read more on our How to Respond page.

Says one customer: “Had a DTE rep at my door today, telling me I have two weeks to decide in participating in the AMI Opt-Out Program. Insinuated that if I don't accept the opt-out meter, possibly my power may be shut off. He went and took pictures of my meter and my Tatar Guard.”

Read more on our How to Respond to Installers / DTE Security at the Door page. We repeat, DTE has not shut off anyone’s power for refusing a smart meter. They have been threatening this for well over two years. DTE cannot shut off your power without giving you a 10-day written shut-off notice.

We know that DTE is getting more and more worried about the thousands of people refusing smart meters in Michigan. This is why they are resorting to more heavy-handed tactics.

Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Livonia, Pinckney, South Lyon, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, etc.

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